Check out our frequently asked questions below for ChemTel Inc regarding our services. If you have any questions not covered in this section, please contact us at 888-255-3924.

Emergency Response / SDS Services

ChemTel's Emergency Response Operations Center (EROC) is a state of the art, secure command center staffed 24/7/365 with a highly trained team of emergency response professionals ready to assist in the event of any medical or chemical emergency.
Transportation - A 24-hour emergency response telephone number is required by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) in 49 CFR 172.604 for the transportation of Hazardous Materials. ChemTel's emergency response operations center is manned 24/7 by trained, live operators providing compliance and assistance in the event of any incident during transport.

Product Use - The emergency response number is also used for chemical and medical emergencies involving the accidental or improper use of products containing hazardous materials.
The telephone number is provided to clients registered with ChemTel by the administrative offices. The hours of operation for administration are M-F 8:30-5:30 EST. The phone number is 888-255-3924. The emergency response telephone number will not be provided outside of these hours.
Yes. A Private Label Addendum can be implemented to place the ChemTel emergency response telephone number on the label of your products. Please contact our sales office for pricing on this service at or 888-255-3924.
Yes, registration and a valid contract number are required.
No, the private label customer is required to register with ChemTel separately. As a manufacturer, you do not want to assume the liability of your customer’s shipments due to the fact that most distributor shipments contain multiple supplier items.
Yes. If you are shipping outside of the US and Canada, you must add the international toll number on your shipping documents. ChemTel responders will utilize translators, if necessary and will accept collect calls into our Emergency Response Call Center. You will receive the same reporting as with a domestic/ Canadian incident.
Clients registered with ChemTel should send their SDS to Please include the subscribers name in the subject of the email.
Yes. ChemTel provides SDS authoring in ANSI, CPL, EU, GHS or WHMIS format. You can fill out the SDS Authoring questionaire under Forms and Links to receive a quote or you can contact our sales office at or 888-255-3924 for more information.
Yes. ChemTel will translate your existing SDS into many different languages. Contact sales at or 888-255-3924 for a quote.
Yes, if the manufacturer name (your company name)remains on the SDS and your customer is added as the distributor.

No, if the manufacturer name (your company name) is removed from the SDS. In this case, you need to ask your customer who they utilize for Emergency Response Service.
No, both terms refer to the same type of document. SDS and MSDS are both accepted terminology.